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Epilepsy First Aid is a hard copy book. It is a practical visual guide to help you understand different seizure types.

The guide has been developed in association with the top neurologists and has been endorsed by Professor Lynette Sadleir and Dr Thorsten Stanley, Senior Lecturer.

Krystle the author of the book who has Epilepsy is proud to create this book and keep the movement alive.

This book is a educational tool to help you understand the common seizure types that occur in people with Epilepsy. As a member of the public, these are the seizure types you should be aware of. The book details the common features seen in each of these seizure types and what to do when you come across a person having one of these seizures.

It also covers the different types of seizures such as Tonic Clinic, Absence, Myoclonic and Focal aware Seizures.

Terms and Conditions for the Hard Copy book. All rights are reserved to Epilepsy First Aid 2021. There are no photocopying or republications, mechanical or transitional systems of any kind unless contacted by the publisher. There are no refunds once payment has been processed, no selling or using the book without the authors permission. This is Only a hard copy book not a Digital Version. Shipping is extra.

Epilepsy First Aid Speaking Events


This is an hour long and includes an overview of what Epilepsy is, associated myths, current seizure types, signs and symptoms and first aid required.   This is open to sports clubs, workplaces, schools and anyone interested in learning about Epilepsy.

If you are interested please do get in touch at epilepsyfirstaid@hotmail.com

Different rates and T/C’s apply.

Workshop- Epilepsy First Aid Training

Krystle can give you invaluable knowledge and scenarios to help you identify the different types of seizures.  This is an hour long workshop.  (Maximum 10 per workshop) If you are in a private company, sporting organization, school or just a group of citizens Krystle can give you practical advice to help when someone is having a seizure.  Please get in touch.   

If you are interested please do get in touch at epilepsyfirstaid@hotmail.com

Cost $40pp (maximum 10 per workshop) T/C’s apply.