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Krystle Small

About Krystle

Krystle is a born and bred Wellingtonian and she was diagnosed with epilepsy at birth. She has a passion for working with all types of people and can empathise with many people who are going through life struggles. Krystle’s background is in Exercise Science, Tourism and Retail.

Krystle came up with the idea to share Epilepsy First Aid with everyone when she realised there was a lack of awareness around what to do when some has a seizure. People often comment that they are afraid of seizures and are not sure what to do.

Krystle wants to share her experience and knowledge of Epilepsy and most importantly inform the public that it is ok for people to assist when some has a seizure and not to just ignore them or walk away. Most of all she wants to empower people who have Epilepsy that anything can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

About Epilepsy First Aid

This book is a educational tool to help you understand the common seizure types that occur in people with Epilepsy. As a member of the public, these are the seizure types you should be aware of. The book details the common features seen in each of these seizure types and what to do when you come across a person having one of these seizures.

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Coming soon – Epilepsy First Aid Courses

If you are interested in attending a training course Krystle can give you invaluable knowledge and scenarios to help you identify the different types of seizures. If you are in a private company, sporting organization, school or just a group of citizens Krystle can give you practical advice to help when someone is having a seizure. Coming in 2018.

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